Bus Simulator Demo 2008

Pretend that you are the driver of a bus in different urban environments with challenges

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    Racing games

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    Demo 2008

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    Windows 2000 / Windows Vista / Windows XP

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    6.8 (850)

Simulation games puts players into a new world, giving them an experience they might not otherwise get to enjoy. Everything from running a virtual amusement park to becoming a virtual restaurateur is a possibility with simulations. In 2008, gamers could become virtual bus drivers in a bustling imaginary city with the popular Bus Simulator 2008. Bus Simulator lets players drive, pick up passengers and drop them off at their intended stops.

Objectives of Bus Simulator 2008

As a virtual driver, Bus Simulator 2008 players must driving their bus safely. While other driving simulators reward speed or even creative crashes, safety is key when you're driving passengers around in Bus Simulator. Unsafe driving can cause you to lose money and ultimately passengers themselves if you are in multiple accidents. Terrified passengers would rather walk than pay an unsafe driver. By getting passengers to their destinations quickly and without incident, you earn more money and higher rankings for completing missions.

The missions themselves are part of the charm of the game, taking place in various towns and routes with different climates and challenges along the way. Once the missions are completed, players can unlock new territory and maps, learning new routes to take passengers where they need to go. Bus Simulator 2008 also gives players the unique ability to reflect on driving stats and passengers that have been picked up with each round in addition to reviewing their own driving rating for each mission completed.

Pros of Bus Simulator 2008

The game Bus Simulator 2008 is one of the more original simulators for fans of the genre with more to offer than just driving and shuttling passengers from place to place. It's also a money sim that lets players earn from selling advertising space on their virtual buses as well as from passenger fees. You can change ticket prices to reflect your growing skill, defray operating expenses or even raise money to attract more passengers.

Cons of Bus Simulator 2008

Once you are familiar with the controls of Bus Simulator 2008, the game play may begin to feel repetitive, especially once you have driven and completed all of the available routes. It is not possible to play all of the available maps when you begin Bus Simulator 2008; you are required to complete missions in-game to unlock new territory to explore. This artificial barrier to open play may make the game feel tedious, especially for players whose skill level is fairly low.

Another flaw of this driving sim lies with the somewhat clumsy physics of your virtual bus. It's no QWOP, but learning to drive a virtual bus in Bus Simulator 2008 isn't as straightforward as getting behind the wheel and making like Keanu Reeves in Speed. Getting familiar with the controls, maintaining speed and stopping for passengers takes time and requires a bit of effort before players become proficient at the controls.

Playing Bus Simulator 2008 can give hours of challenging entertainment and plenty of visual scenery to enjoy. The game's designed for all ages and only requires a computer keyboard and mouse to play.

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